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Benjamin Jesty : Grandfather of Vaccination --  the definitive biography   


The reference biography contains more than 650 associated references




The list below is only a small selection of bibliography associated with the history of Benjamin Jesty





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(now a little out of date)






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Smallpox Pioneer          


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The First Vaccinator's ‘Lost’ Portrait is Found


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            The Interview


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       (with an editorial by Daniel Price on page 3)


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Article in Dorset Year Book 2013     Society of Dorset Men


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Face of the Pioneer of the Smallpox Vaccination Revealed


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“Great strength of mind” in a Rediscovered Portrait


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Portrait of Benjamin Jesty acquired by the Wellcome Library


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Did Jesty Trump Jenner?


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Jesty Trumps Jenner


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Return of the Farmer


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New Acquisition – Jesty Portrait


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pub Saunders, Philadelphia PA, 2008.

My photograph of the gravestone was requested and used as part of the frontispiece in this prestigious publication with notes on Jesty (referenced) in Chapter 1.


Dorset Echo, 2008, 14th January

Painting joy for pioneer’s family


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The Jesty portrait formed the front cover of this journal

with text by Professor Sam Katz of Duke University, NC on Contents page


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Dorset Pioneer


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Portrait of smallpox vaccine pioneer goes on show in Dorchester


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Benjamin’s happy return to Dorset


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Jesty in Dorchester: return of the native


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Jesty’s homecoming






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